1. 具体的にご記入ください。

 ■ 依頼目的、ご使用のプリンタやインク種類、メディア及び興味のある点等

特に、依頼目的 を詳しく書いてください。 依頼目的や状況を正確につかまないと、正しい対応ができません。

2. 会社・個人情報をご記入ください  (個人名、会社名のみのメールには対応いたしかねます) 会社・個人からのお問い合わせを歓迎しますが、お名前だけでなく検討に必要と思われる条件などを添えてメールをくださいますようお願い申し上げます。

 ■ 会社名、 ご住所、 担当者名、 ウェブサイトURL、 連絡先TEL/FAXなど

※競合他社の情報収集と区別するため 会社・個人情報の提示をお願いしております。具体的な情報をいただけない場合は、情報提供をお断りしたり制限したりすることがあります。また、研究開発目的の情報収集はご遠慮ください。

一部の商品(フロアウインド等)を除き基本的には直販体制をとっております。 そのため、販売店様へ販売できない商品もございますので、ご了承ください。

3. 有償サンプルについて

 ■ 指定のデザインデータや生地持ち込みの場合、印刷サンプルは基本的には有償となります。

※上記注意事項を確認後に ご記入ください



About us (ENG)

Sanryu, founded in 1995, has today become a leading importer and distributor of inkjet printing systems and a variety of related commodities in Japan.

Sanryu co., ltd Office / Showroom

We are not a huge company but pride our experiences, knowledgeand technical abilities in the realm of sublimation printing. We develop printing techniques and also provide a range of quality products for sublimation at reasonable prices for many Japanese customers. Today, we have more than 40 trading partners from overseas and distribute their products to over 800 domestic customers.

Our Interest

 Our focus is on inkjet & sublimation systems, associated materials,and commodities. We also focus on Color Copy Transfer Paper,3D Transfer System, and Food Printer. Please contact us, if you are a manufacture or a distributor looking for a market in Japan!

Contact Information

Company Name: Sanryu Co.,Ltd.
Founded: May, 1995
Number of employees: 11 (Jan.1, 2011)
Office / Showroom: Akai 1-10-7 Kawaguchi-city Saitama Japan
Zip Code: 334-0073
Tel: +81-48-446-6786
Fax: +81-48-446-6761

Website(PC): https://www.sanryu.com

Product information

3D Vacuum Heat-Transfer System:
Our system uses special transfer film for dye sublimation ink with the Vacuum atmosphere. It can decorate 3D surface object like Cover Case for iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, and other various SmartPhones.

Heat Transfer Papers: For Sublimation / For Lazer Copier etc.
We have heat transfer papers and films for sublimation ink, solvent ink, water-based pigment ink/dye ink, color lazer copier, color lazer printer, etc.

Flat LEDs and EL Sheet:
We have Flat LEDs and EL Sheet for our FloorAdvertising and other sign products.

Fabrics, One way vision(See Through Films):
We have various Fabrics and One way vision for printing.

T-shirt Printer System:
We have FlatBed Printers for T-shirt Direct Printing.

Various inks: Sublimation ink, etc. / Water/Solvent based ink
We have Water based Dye / Pigment inks, Dye Sublimation inks, Pigment fabric inks, Reactive ink, and Acid ink.

Edible ink and Food Printer System:
We have FlatBed edible ink printer system with and without conveyor belt auto food feeder. Our customers print Photo on chocolate, o-senbei(So called ‘Print Senbei,’ famous among Japan), etc. We have synthetic/natural dye colorants edible ink.

Application Items for Laser heat transfer / sublimation printing:
We have Mousepad, T-shirt, Mug, Dish, Bag, and Towel, … etc. We are eager to expand items range more, for Sublimation/Color Lazer Copier and other Transfer Papers. Please contact us if you have good quality items with reasonable price!

Inkjet media Printers & peripherals:
We have various kinds of printing media for sublimation ink, solvent ink, water-based pigment ink/dye ink, etc.

Ink Refill Systems and IC Chip Resetters:
We have ink refill Systems and Chip Resetters for small/medium printers to large format printers.

RIP (ripping system):
We have high quality Ripping System for Windows OS. Our system can drive small/medium printers printers to large format printers.

Display systems, Floor display, Banner stands:
We have varisou Display systems, Floor display, and Banner stands.

We have Dryer Systems for small/medium printers printers to large format printers.

We have Steamer Systems for large format printers.

Flat bed heat transfer press: Small Press: / Large Press:
We have small/medium to large flatbed heat transfer press.

Roll-to-roll Heat Transfer Press:
We have small/medium to large roll-to-roll heat transfer press.

Sublimation ceramic tiles, Glass tiles:
We have reliable and durable sublimation tiles for construction use.

We have various Technical Documents for our Japanese Customers.

We are always eager for new products. Please contact us if you have good quality items with reasonable price! Or if you interested in our products.

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